Download IoT Inspector

Important Note We are currently undergoing major re-development. A lot of information on this website may not be accurate. You may encounter errors when you run Inspector from source. While we will try to fix the major bugs, any issues flagged will go toward improving the next version. We will re-launch around the summer of 2022. For more information, visit our GitHub repository at

You can install IoT Inspector on your computer to monitor your IoT devices.

  • See how we inspect a Chromecast and a smart lightbulb in this blog post.
  • Watch a YouTube video on how to run IoT Inspector on your computer.
  • Slide deck that provides an overview of IoT Inspector.

Understand how we collect data

IoT Inspector is a part of a research project that helps (i) consumers learn more about their IoT devices and (ii) researchers collect anonymous IoT network data.

It is important you understand how IoT Inspector works, how it collects data anonymously, and the risks involved in running this software.

  • How IoT Inspector works:

    1. It conducts ARP-spoofing on your network to intercept network traffic.
    2. It removes personally identifiable information; see this FAQ.
    3. It uploads the data to a server at New York University; see this FAQ.
    4. The server performs the analysis and presents the result via the web browser.
  • What data is collected: See this FAQ.

  • Risks

    • You might accidentally send sensitive information to our server; see this FAQ.
    • Your network may slow down or stop working, and our software may be buggy. If you think your network is down as a result of IoT Inspector, stop IoT Inspector and reboot your router. See this FAQ.
    • Our server might get hacked (unlikely); see this FAQ.
    • Some anti-virus products may flag IoT Inspector as malware; see this FAQ.